Plasma Cutting

SHP plasma cutter is a modern and innovative device based on a gate structure. The portal is made of a light and stiff profile which guarantees high dynamics and precision of cutting.

AC servomechanisms are responsible for driving the machine in all six axes. The latest achievements in the IT field have enabled the adaptation of a proven and stable controller to the highest requirements.

Dimensions of work area 3000 × 12000 mm allows you to cut large elements and two independently working heads speed up the work time.

The SCT plasma torch is equipped with a capacitive distance sensor which has been built into the torch body, as well as the plasma arc voltage sensor which gives the choice of the type of measurement depending on the sheet fired.
An oxy-gas burner equipped with a capacitive distance sensor allows cutting structural steel up to 150 mm.

Type of aggregate and power Cutting Scope Production breakthrough
Structural steel Stainless steel Aluminium Structural steel Stainless steel
SHP 260 0.5-64 mm 0.8-100 mm 1.2-50 mm 38 mm 25 mm

Full scope OPTHole technology

The biggest advantage of this function is the reduction of detail drilling in the production process where it is not required.

Microjoint function

It works on the principle of temporary, smooth reduction of current during cutting in order to burn the workpiece. It is important that during this function the plasma arc is not extinguished and fired again, while the detail is only ignited on a thin surface of sheet metal. It is used during firing belts where, due to the effects of thermals, they would become undulated after firing.

Linear and point routing

They allow gouging of a specific depth in indicated spots on the baking sheet. As an example of using this option, one can specify bending or welding lines or detailing for linear routing and drilling points for point routing.

Advantages of plasma cutting:

  • high cutting speed
  • cutting without heating – fast piercing
  • narrow heat-affected zone – relatively low temperature effect on all material
  • the possibility of cutting without burning over thin materials
  • relatively low cost

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