Project Description

The project concerns the production of the RCM Clever Turtle construction trailer which combines the functionality of a tow truck for transporting compact construction machines, a hydraulic dump truck and trailers for transporting aggregates and building materials and their sale on the Polish and foreign markets. This project concerns the launch of a new, innovative product on a European scale – the RCM Clever Turtle universal construction trailer. The product is a hybrid combination of a tow truck for transporting compact construction machines, a hydraulic dumper and trailers for transporting aggregates and building materials. The ideas were born on a construction site and resulted from the actual demand for this type of product. The solution is a breakthrough in terms of efficiency and earthworks while reducing purchase and operating costs compared to machines currently available on the market.

It is assumed that the main distribution channel will be external dealer networks currently trading in construction and agricultural machinery, as well as our own direct sales network. Sales will be additionally supported by articles in the press and industry websites, own website, advertising at dealerships and participation in industry fairs and agricultural exhibitions.

The implementation of the project will involve unique resources in the form of knowledge and experience of the industry design team in the field of construction machinery – their construction, production technology, use but also in the scope of sales mechanisms functioning in this industry. In addition to the specific staff, the necessary infrastructure will be created in the form of equipment for the assembly hall located in Gołdap or nearby.

As a result of the project, the market will be presented with a product that meets the needs and expectations of identified customer segments and is a response to the high demand for modern solutions in the field of machinery and equipment for construction and agricultural mechanization.

The aim of the project is to start the production and to introduce to the market the RCM Clever Turtle universal construction trailer on the basis of the business model and MVP developed under sub-measure 1.1.1. PO PW

The result of the project will be the development of the company’s operations in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship which will offer its innovative product through both external dealer networks and direct sales. According to the assumptions of the project, Poland is the basic sales market, however in the following years the company projects to enter Eastern European markets.

During the implementation of the project, it is planned to produce 3 trailers, to enter into service of vehicles and to fully launch the production plant. The sales volume in the 2nd year of operations is estimated at 10 items and its systematic increase to 120 items in the 5th year of operation. The project will also contribute to employment growth in the region, estimated at 14.91 FTE by the end of 2020.

The total value of the project is PLN 1,177,060.00

The amount of the European Union’s contribution to the project is PLN 800,000.

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